Welcome to casa!

We offer Napoli-style pizza, antipasti and desserts, from our special home in Margate, Kent.

Also available are our selections of Italian wines, craft beers, aperitifs and digestifs.

We pride ourselves on our service and our food and hope you enjoy every visit and meal you have with us!

Pick-up and delivery service is available, with collection and drop off at the door. Orders will be taken by phone (01843 226 852), or alternatively via Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo. 

In compliance with Government regulations, casa will close for take-away and delivery customers at 9pm.

We also require anyone entering the restaurant to please wear a mask. This is a legal requirement unless you have been exempt due to restrictive health conditions. We please ask still that care and consideration is taken amongst others in and  outside the restaurant at all time.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support, we look forward to seeing you all soon!

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