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delivery CT8/CT9 £2.5 no minimum order

n i b b l e s   &     s t a r t e r s

taralli pugliesi - toroidal italian snack                                      2.5

olive - nocellara olives with oregano and garlic                    3.5

focaccia  - our pizza base with EVO and fresh garlic             5

focaccia mediterranea - cherry tomato, capers, olives         6.5

focaccia cacio e pepe - grana padano, pecorino romano    6.5

p  i  z  z  a

marinara classica - tomato, oregano, garlic                             7  

margherita tomato, mozzarella, EVO, fresh basil                  8

marinara con alici - tomato, garlic, anchovies, oregano         8.5

funghi tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, olives                   10.5

carciofi tomato, mozzarella, artichokes, capers                  10.5

napoli tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, olives                       10.5

forte tomato, mozzarella, spianata calabra, nduja               11.5

calzone tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, spianata              11.5

formaggi* - mozzarella, caciocavallo, gorgonzola, grana      11.5

pesto e  noci  -  pestomozzarella, gorgonzola, walnuts       11.5

vegana  - friarielli cream base, capers, olives, peppers,        11.5

boscaiola tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, sausage           12.5

crudo e zola*- mozzarella, artichockes, ham, gorgonzola     12.5

salsiccia*  - mozzarella, provola, fennel sausage, friarielli     12.5

friarielli e alici - friarielli , mozzarella, anchovies, olive pate  12.5

calzone special - beans cream, smoked provola, sausage     12.5

italiana* - mozzarella, cherry tomato, rocket, ham, grana     13

cannibalenduja sauce, mozzarella, meat selection              13


*white base (no tomato sauce)

s i d e s  

rucola - rocket, cherry tomatoes, grana padano                      4

friarielli - slightly bitter broccoli from south italy                      5


d e s s e r t 

tiramisu' all'amaretto  (two portions )                                        7.5


extra toppings  1.5   -  fresh sausage    

dry-cured ham     -    vegan cheese  1  (free when you swap)


Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options available when possible, please ask staff.

We cannot guarantee some ingredients have not been around products such as nuts and other allergens in their production process. Please speak to staff if you have any questions. We welcome any and all feedback! Thank you for choosing casa!

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